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5th-Jun-2017 11:27 pm - [sticky post] [announcement] MOVING

Because of the never ending rumors and news about lifejournals' new policies
I have decided to move my content over to dreamwidth.

I will probably keep this account as a measure of contact and will provide links to my works
that are cross-posted on either AFF or/and my new DW account [yukulicious.dreamwidth.org].
Feel free to follow me there or on my other social media accounts!

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5th-Jun-2014 02:11 pm - [fanfic] Seven Minutes in Heaven I
Title The Panda and the Phantom
Band EXO
Raiting PG
Pairing Kris/Tao
Genre romance, comedy
Length oneshot; 3169 words
Warning English is not my native language.
Disclaimer I own nothing but the plot and formulations. This is fiction.
Summary Tao gets dragged to a Halloween party by his friends, where his secret crush turns into someone else unexpectedly.

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24th-Aug-2013 03:42 pm - [fanfic] Just Friends

Title: Just Friends
Band: B.A.P
Rating: R
Pairing: Bang Yongguk/Himchan
Genre: smut, romance
Length: oneshot;  3867words
Warning: English is not my native language & this is my first English smut.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot & formulations.
Summary: Bang Yongguk is everything Himchan ever dreamed of. He always was and he'll be forever.

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19th-Aug-2013 08:17 pm - [fanfic] All The Way Home
Title: All The Way Home
Band: EXO
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo
Genre: fluff, romance
Length: oneshot; 2968 words
Warning: English is not my native language.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot & formulations.
Summary: A story about a bunch of cab rides and misunderstandings.

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It's been decades since I last wrote a kind of 'first entry' for a blog or something like this...
Nevertheless: Welcome to yukulicious fanfictions.

This is yuku(licious or _chun/chan).
I'm the author here, as well as on my AFF account and my personal blog.
I'm a Japanese Studies student from Germany,
and my heart is caught by boyslove, Asian fashion, J-ROCK, KPOP, games and fanfictions for more that 4 years now.

I changed my major-writing language from German to English somewhen between November 2012 - February 2013.
Now I primarly write KPOP-related fanfictions.
Till now I just uploaded three Oneshots on my Asianfanfics-account but there are many others to follow.
In future projects I also plan to include my favorite games and other fictional universes.
Unfortunately my summer semester is still not over and I'm currently too busy to be productive.

I will probably start to re-upload my three short works here when I have time.
Please look forward to it.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
(I'm still not used to be active on LJ again, so if it's urgent, ask via tumblr or ask.fm.)
See you soon. ♫

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